8:04pm July 31, 2014
8:02pm July 31, 2014
6:40pm July 31, 2014

Ah, this reminds me of one of my dolls…


Ah, this reminds me of one of my dolls…

1:36pm July 30, 2014
stickiebun13 asked: Can you please let your Mun know that I have a chapter of Embracing Sin ready for her to beta over if she wants to before I post it?




"Hehe…sure, darlin’. Send it on over and we’ll jump on Skype t’ get it."

It’s waiting for you two. :3 Jase and I went over it early this morning. My cute little bad-ass muse *pinches Jase’s cheeks*

-“He certainly does a right number on…well, I’d best not mention it…Wouldn’t want t’ spoil it. Let’s just say ol’ Undertaker’s proud of his li’l love.”


"I’m not proud of me…"

((I think this one works? XD So many cute Jase icons…))

2:40am July 30, 2014
3:34am July 24, 2014
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1:48pm July 20, 2014
A Wolf and a Blue Jay - Death’s Doll by Phoenix-of-Starlight

((A birthday gift for Mun :3))

A Wolf and a Blue Jay - Death’s Doll by Phoenix-of-Starlight

((A birthday gift for Mun :3))

4:03pm July 17, 2014
Anonymous asked: Chronus, if you were to compare yourself and Jase to a pair of different animals, what two animals would you choose? :3


-“Hmm. I’d have to say a bluejay for him, and a wolf for me.”

The mortician nods and grins, finding the logic sound.

((Legit. Jase is a little Bluejay, yup!))

6:11am July 14, 2014
kooky-meganechan asked: Hello, Jase! How are you doing? I'm just curious. What do you think is the most romantic thing that Undertaker (Chronus) has ever done to you? You're just too cute together ☺☺☺

"The most romantic?" Jase leaned back in thought, "That’s a difficult question, seeing as he is always doing romantic things for me and with me.But I may have to say, it was when he told me about the vows his kind takes with their life partners, and then how he taught me the language of Death so that he and I could take the vows ourselves and become husbands." 

((Trying to also not give out spoilers.))

4:12pm July 11, 2014
Anonymous asked: Hey, Undertaker. If one day Jase is blessed (is that an appropriate term?) with the ability to conceive, would you consider siring a child of your own?


The mortician blinks, then grins.

-“I think I’d be excited t’ have a nipper of my very own. You never can tell what could happen.”

Jase blinked up at the question his husband was asked, “Who’s trying to turn me into a woman?!”

7:29pm July 8, 2014
((Jase stole Simon’s seat.))

((Jase stole Simon’s seat.))

2:35pm July 7, 2014
Anonymous asked: On a scale of 1 to awesome, how 'good' would you rate Jase?




-“Heh-heh-heh…I’ll prolly get m’self in trouble with this one, but 'Awesome x infinity'. Li’l dolly’s picked up a lot of…skills…in our time together.”

The mortician fans himself at the thought.

"Chronus, That—that’s private!" The Frenchman looked horrified, his face beat red.

Undertaker cringes and points at the nonny.

- “Well…they asked, darlin’! Outta consider it a compliment to your skills…”


He mutters out the corner of his mouth to the anon: "See? Told you I’d get in trouble for that."

Jase grumbled and took Chronus’ hat, pulling it down over his face to hide.