10:58am August 25, 2014
Anonymous asked: Can I just say, I usually dont read canon character x OC, but Just a Doll and its sequal are perfect, Jace is perfect, YOU, my dear, are perfect <3


HJKhfddhfks Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me when people like my OC Jase. (Or any of my OCs but Jase is the only one right now with something focusing on him.) Especially that you aren’t generally a fan of CanonxOC pairings. I know a lot of people don’t care for it, and will usually write it off as another Mary Sue/Self-insert fanfiction before they even give it a try. So thank you very much for giving it a try and reading it so-far! Waking up to this in my inbox really made my day. *Offers a hug*


2:13pm August 23, 2014
9:52pm August 19, 2014

((My friend Paw turned Jase and Unnie into ponies. :3))

1:05am August 10, 2014

((More sims shots from UnknownPaws. Apparently, her sims game decided that Jase and Undertaker needed to have twins. The baby in the very back is her OC Simon’s kid with Snake. The other two are Jase’s babies.))

3:43am August 7, 2014
Anonymous asked: If Legendary Death and the Undertaker were separate entities altogether and occurred in the same time period and all that paradox stuff, would you ship them to hell and back? Because I certainly do. >:3


-“I think you’ve broken what’s left of my brain with that.”

"Sorry love, I’m not sure. Do I ship myself with myself? Well, of course I do. I ship it every bloody night, in fact! I do have lots of personas, too. Glad to hear you ship me with myself. I’m a fun bloke, that way."


8:04pm July 31, 2014
8:02pm July 31, 2014
6:40pm July 31, 2014

Ah, this reminds me of one of my dolls…


Ah, this reminds me of one of my dolls…

1:36pm July 30, 2014
stickiebun13 asked: Can you please let your Mun know that I have a chapter of Embracing Sin ready for her to beta over if she wants to before I post it?




"Hehe…sure, darlin’. Send it on over and we’ll jump on Skype t’ get it."

It’s waiting for you two. :3 Jase and I went over it early this morning. My cute little bad-ass muse *pinches Jase’s cheeks*

-“He certainly does a right number on…well, I’d best not mention it…Wouldn’t want t’ spoil it. Let’s just say ol’ Undertaker’s proud of his li’l love.”


"I’m not proud of me…"

((I think this one works? XD So many cute Jase icons…))

2:40am July 30, 2014
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2:50pm July 22, 2014
1:48pm July 20, 2014
A Wolf and a Blue Jay - Death&#8217;s Doll by Phoenix-of-Starlight

((A birthday gift for Mun :3))

A Wolf and a Blue Jay - Death’s Doll by Phoenix-of-Starlight

((A birthday gift for Mun :3))